There is a red door.

If that doesn’t work.
If that doesn’t work we’re closed.

Enter through the door.
You are in a bar.
Look to the left. There is a terrace. Look to the right. There is a terrace.
Enter through the glass wall.

There are drinks behind the bar. Someone might ask what you would like. You might crave a coffee at this ungodly hour. You might feel like a beer. Something Bruxellois? You might just need a glass of red. Some nights you might end up king of Scrabble. Some nights you might end up queen of the dance floor


How about a Brussels beer, a glass of wine, some organic juice or homemade ginger ale?

Our food selection is limited to the in-case-of-emergency finger food.


More than board games and the occasional DJ, we fill our bar with plant markets, quizzes, brocantes, Belgian design markets, stand-up comedy, afterworks, concerts and other happenings.


ViaVia Brussels is the ideal place for groups. From 15 people on you can make a reservation. Unfortunately we are not able to take reservations on Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t forget to ask for our ticket system if you would like to buy a drink for your friends.